The Balanced K9

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Training and dog walking for dogs in Oakland, Piedmont, Alameda, Emeryville, Berkeley, Albany and surrounding cities.


Ample exercise is integral for dogs to be fulfilled and to achieve balance. We provide a variety of services and urban adventures that help provide your dog with plenty of exercise for their health and happiness.


Dogs crave guidance and leadership and we provide it. Leadership is about building a relationship of mutual trust and respect between the dog and their owner/handler. In every interaction we guide dogs in the right direction.


Dogs are social beings. All of our services include socialization with balanced dogs, helping to keep your dog engaged and happy.

Fun and Engagement

Let’s face it: there are no better teachers of how to enjoy life in the moment than our dogs. Dogs know how to have fun and they love to stay engaged, and we want to make sure they enjoy their time with us.

The Balanced K9 Aim.

Our aim is to help provide dog owners with support in helping their dog achieve balance through exercise, leadership and engagement. We offer a variety of services to help suit your specific needs with your dog. Feel free to ask about anything you don’t see offered—there’s a good chance we can do it!

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